Sequential numbering on child schematic

How to create sequential number on child schematic.

I have the schematic, example: inverter.
Then I have sub-schematic called H-bridge. The inverter schematic contains 3 identical H-bridge. KiCad manages the reference field.

When plotting as pdf, KiCad prints all 4 page with separate H-bridge, this because it has different reference field although it identical.

My problem is, i want to have different drawing number printed on it. When I put as worksheet field {$comment1}, It will be printed as same number because it is the same sub-schematic. Also when I place text on it.

So how to have different number? example: H-bridge-U, H-bridge-V, H-bridge-W.


You could implement the idea of @vishnumaiea shown in this thread:

I haven’t test it, but it apparently works well.

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