Separate net class for power supply section?

Hey guys, can someone tell me Is it really needed to make the separate net class for power supply section??
let’s guess I am using track width for whole components except the power supply section is 0.25mm.
then is it necessary to insert track width for the power supply section is 0.5mm??
How to categorise a variety of component group in different net classes??

minimum track width is calculated based on copper weight (oz/µm where 1oz=35µm), voltage, current and temperature. Saturn PCB toolkit ( is an excellent program to help you

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I think it is not really needed. I didn’t found it helping me in routing. You can set track width any time manually. I use wider tracks for power supply but thad doesn’t mean that for whole net. If I have the 100k resistor connected to VCC then there is no need to connect it to main VCC track with the same width track.
In Protel I used to set my GND connections to blue, power connections to red, and all rest to gray. When it will be possible to set the color for connection lines for nets collected in class I would probably be doing power supply class just for this purpose.

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thank you so much for information @name_name

thank you so much f @Piotr .Its helpful.

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