Separate keep-out-layers for copper

I would like to add some text to a copper fill-area. The text should be written in non-copper, in other words written in a copper-restrict layer. I think in Eagle it’s called tRestrict/bRestrict for top/bottom copper restrict layer.

Can I achieve this in KiCad? While searching the forum I found similar threads but i did not fully understand if they meant the same.

IMHO you’d have to use one of the Eco layers and communicate with the fab that this layer is a negative copper of sorts.
Or thinking one step ahead, find a gerber tool that let’s you subtract one gerber file from another, then you should be able to do it yourself and end up with the information in the copper layer…?!


Thanks for your input.
I always try to refrain from communicating with the fab house, but I think you may be right.

About subtracting one gerber from the other. I searched for similar functionality in gerbv, but couldn’t find any. I haven’t ever looked inside a gerber file, but maybe it’s not so hard to subtract them manually? Depending on how they’re made of course.

This can be done in gerber and may even be possible to do manually with cut/paste.

  1. make a very simple PCB with a single (simple) footprint
  2. export the Front Silk Gerber, in one case do not check the “subtract solder mask from silk” and in the other case select that option.
  3. compare the 2 Gerbers; this will show how one gerber (solder mask) is subtracted from another (silk)