Separate grid overrides for SMT and THT footprints in KiCad-Nightly V7.99?

KiCad-Nightly V7.99 has much improved grid settings. For example, in the schematic editor texts can be placed on a finer grid then symbols and wires, and for the PCB editor there are also a bunch of “grid overrides”, that give the ability to different grid resolutions for different sorts of items:

This is a feature I like, but I am missing a setting. To me it “feels” very logical to have separate grids for THT and for SMT footprints. I prefer THT footprints on a 0.1" grid to keep compatibility with matrix board and alignment of pin headers, while such a coarse grid does not make any sense for SMT footprints. I am thinking about creating a feature request on gitlab for adding another “Grid override” so there are separate settings for THT and SMT footprints, but before I do so, I’m curious what others think of this idea.

Since 90s I have no practice with THT but I think positioning grid should be always much smaller than used in THT footprints pad grid. I don’t know what is the advantage of positioning all pads in 0.1" matrix.
I also never tried 7.99 so not 100% sure what is the effect of that settings. Do depending on at what is mouse cursor the visible grid immediately changes to the other?

This sounds like a good idea; BUT: does anyone who would use the Overrides want to use one grid setting only for laying footprints or pads (either THT or SMD)?

Grid Settings as a hotkey is gone. It has been replaced with Edit Grids, so now one hotkey gives access to Preferences > Grids; which I think is a BIG plus. One hotkey to display everything to do with grid sizes.

So now we have in 7.99: Footprint/pads grid override, Fast Grid Switching 1 & 2 and Hotkey > mouse - click Grid. Three of the four functions are controlled with a hotkey and the fourth needs a hotkey > mouse. Each of these functions when used will override any of the other.

Is it really useful to have four grids controlled with hotkeys and a fifth, hotkey > mouse, so there would be five functions that would override each other instead of four?

Personally, I don’t care one way or the other. I’m only pointing out what we have in 7.99 and what you propose.

Maybe Marketing would approve of the idea? :smiley: