Selection not highlighted

I am currently migrating from Target to KiCad. So far I love the program and the workflow.
My problem is that the selected components in the schematic editor are not highlighted. In the PCB editor the selected components are brighter as a selection highlight usually is.
Is there something I can do to get it to change the color from selected components in the schematic editor? The color simply doesnt change although the symbol is clearly selected (showing in the status bar and the component is selected in the PCB editor).
Kind regards.

Selection highlighting will come with version 6.


In version 5 (and earlier) the symbol which you click isn’t actually selected. Yes, it’s in the status bar and cross-probed in the pcb editor, but if you move the mouse cursor away and use a keyboard shortcut, the item isn’t acted upon. That’s why it isn’t highlighted either.

That’s of course weird and not how 99.9% of other desktop software works today. Luckily, as Rene told, this has been changed in the development version and will be part of v6.

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