Selection filter in Schematic editor v 8.0.1-rc1

Hi all,
Yesterday i was working from home and i noticed for the first time the selection filters in the schematic editor :champagne:.
Today from the office i cannot find where it is, i’ve searched options, docked/un-docked panels, resized windows, all that comes to my mind but nothing. Am I hallucinating?

The difference is @home 1x big monitor @work 3x lower resolution monitors, same OS both places (Ubuntu 22.04.4)

Is there a configuration/button to enable/disable the filter panel? (even a modification in config files works fine with me)

I think the selection filter is not implemented in v8.0.x, but only in the development version: v8.99 == nightly == next years v9.

…ok, i see, that explains a lot, i was indeed hallucinating :slight_smile:
i must have inadvertently opened 8.99 and not realizing…