Selecting multiple units of an IC

I right click Unit A then go to properties and then to units and I see a drop down list of A unit to E unit and I don’t know how to select them so I can have all four unit parts of an amp on the schematic and the power pins. I just can’t simply click B unit, C unit, or D unit. I am using the LM 339 quad comparator DIP. Information on the kicad forum is deviating from the subject.

When you add a schematic symbol, there is a Place all units checkbox at the bottom of the choose symbol dialog. If you turn that on, then all five units are placed after each other.

I was a bit quicker then ML9104 but he wrote that you are in the wrong dialog, and he was absolutely correct with that. In the Symbol properties window you can only change which of the units it it but you can not add new units from that dialog. Adding more symbols is done via the normal symbol chooser shown above. I don’t know why he deleted that post.

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Maybe he deleted the post because it showed evidence that my intuition was correct. I should be able to select which unit I want from the OPAMP with the dialogue I used. I recall using it this way before.

I deleted my post because to be certain I wanted to test it myself first.
It works perfectly. The “properites” tab is the wrong place to do this, it just for sorting the different units on your schematic.
You need to do it in the library. When you tick the box " place all units" and return to the schematic, you click five times on your sheet and all five units are placed.

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