Selecting all tracks except those on a certain NET

Hi, how can I selecting all tracks except those on a certain NET in order to change their width, for example?

I can’t remember how to do it but I would change the width of all tracks and then change the certain net back to its width.

Thank you, but this is not a practical way to do it.

Shift + clicks on each segment to unselect track segments from a selection is possible, but tedious.

This works though:

  1. Hover over a track segment you want to keep, and hit I to select the net.
  2. [RMB] / Move Exactly and move it 300mm aside.
  3. Do whatever you want to do on the board.
  4. Move the stuff you parked next to the board back again.

In a more elaborate setting you can use the areas North, East, South & West (and even NE, SE, SW, NW) as “clipboard / scratchpad” area’s to sort stuff, and move it easily back later.

I’m currently using version 5.14. Please, may you elaborate :

  • [RMB] = Rotate/Move Block ?, if so, move exactly xxx is a good idea.
  • North, East, … I don’t see such options.


RMB == Right Mouse Button. This will pull up the context sensitive menu where your mouse pointer is hovering. (For left-handed mousing setups, this would actually be the button on the left of the mouse…) Here, Move Exactly is one of the entries in the context sensitive menu when you have items selected, or if you are hovering over a specific item in your layout. Though if you are just hovering you may need to go through a disambiguation menu first before getting to the RMB menu.

These aren’t program provided terms, rather it is an analogy of thinking of the layout work area like a map. North would be the unused area above your layout. East would be the unused area to the right of your layout. Etc…


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Shame on me ! ! !
would it be the ageing that provides this kind of bad understanding ?

Probably a native language or cultural thing.

I added a “deselect net” action today, so at least in V6 this should be easier: select all (or select however you want) and then find the net you don’t want selected in the Nets tab of the appearance manager, then right click -> deselect


Thank you so much indeed!

I did a bit of thinking about this.
Something both flexible and intuitive and easy to learn / remember / use, also for new users.

The trouble with complex selections is that if you make a miss-click, the selection is gone, and you also can’t recall a collection. I think a sort of 2 stage selection process is a good idea. The way of selecting as implemented now would then be the first level.

The second level would then consist of steps to Assign, Add or Remove the current selection to the buffer.

Further enhancements could be made with using multiple buffers, but that is maybe to involved.

There is significant overlap with my previous post but the kernel of my idea is different. The “selection history” on gitlab is more about having buffers with (saved?) selections, while my idea is more about making a complex selection.

I’l say it again:
The Idea is to use 2 levels of selections.

  1. The normal clipboard as it is inplemented now.
  2. More permanent buffers, which possibly also can be saved, read from disk, etc.

Items from the normal clipboard buffer can be added to, or substracted from (one of) the buffers in the second level.

With this you can build up a complex selection, try if the selection works, and then add or subtract items to that buffer before you do your final thing (move, rotate, whatever) with the buffer.

Maybe I should add this to the gitlab post, but I have not worked out details yet, just flipping a coin and curious what you guys think of this idea.

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