Select Via Slow after 5.1.7 (SOLVED)

This seems to have stated after moving from 5.1.5 to 5.1.7-1.
I have some un-named vias. I need to select them, press E, and assign them to a net.
When I highlight the via and press “E” nothing happens. Of it finally does after over 1 minute.
Anyone else experience this?

Does it happen with a minimal board which has nothing else than such vias?

Aha–Occam’s Razor.
Yes-I reduced the draft to just 4 vias and nothing else.
(I would send a zip but apparently there is no such facility on this forum)

Reply >Upload button > Select *.zip file and send
Via assignment works normally for me on 5.1.7

Thanks. zip is below. Try clicking on one of the tiny vias and type “E”.
I more or less duplicated this from scratch on a “new” folder and it works. (copying did not) So apparently it is unique to this one manifestation. Maybe just save us all time and write this one off.

Thanks again
Fritz (21.2 KB)

For some reason, the project is broken.
There’s massive duplication of Track width/Via size definitions that lead to long wait time before via properties open.
Edit the PCBNEW file manually to remove these duplicates.

Now the important question is, how did it happen. Probably there’s a bug around a corner.testboard_switching.kicad_pcb (95.4 KB)

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Yikes! Now I see what you mean.
Pretty odd–It is always possible my cat stood on the keyboard while I was in the smallest room in the house. Has happened before-but don’t quite see how it would cause duplicates. Probably will let this go unless it happens again.
Thanks for you time!

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