Select tracks, pads, via etc. underneath other components

Im new to KiCad, and I come fra Altium (Advance user), we are using KiCad in my job.

When I have a component over tracks, vias etc… I can select them just by clicking them, it constantly selects the components, I don’t se a select box, like when I click on two track intersecting.

In Altium when I lock a component it gets “immune” to single click, and I have to double click to select it.
I really need that option in KiCad!!

If there is another way to do that I’m all ears, I can’t find anything on the forum about this or on google.

Thanks in advance :o)


hi, i have not understood clearly your problem, i’ll try some suggestions that comes to mind with selections.

  • have you tried to use the selection filter?

  • are you aware of the fact that long clicks on mouse have a different behavior than short clicks? it took me some time to understand that.

Knowing which version of KiCad you are using can be helpful, some features works a little differently from version to version

I think I figured it out, the component I placed was after the vias/tracks, and I could not select a via underneath, but after I placed a new via, the problem disappeared, maybe its a bug ??

Thanks Claudio

I did not know loog click option :o)
Where du I find the Selection filter ?

I’m using KiCad 7.0

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from view menu → show appearance manager
it usually docks bottom right of the screen.

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The long Left Mouse Button click also opens the selection for any buttons with a triangle in the bottom corner.

Also worthy of a mention is the “Eye” between the color and the name for the layers and the objects. Click to turn on and off.

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More on the Long Left click . . .