Select specific parts in PCBnew

Hello everyone,

I have a schematic with many components. Now I have loaded these parts into the PCBnew and am overwhelmed with the automatic placing.

Is there a way to select (group?) elements in the schematic and also select their counterparts in PCBnew?

If you have both eeschema and pcbnew open, clicking a symbol in the schematic should highlight a footprint in the PCB and vice-versa. It also works for nets - tracks.

For single components this is true.

I would like to select multiple parts in ‘eeschema’ and highlight all selected parts in ‘pcbnew’

It’s not possible. There’s a wishlist item for that for v6 which will likely be implemented, but it won’t help you soon.

If you use hierarchical sheets you can select a footprint in the board editor, open context menu->Select and select all footprints from the same hierarchical sheet.

Thank you for the information

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