Select pin on pcb not highlighting pin in schematic: 5.99 nightly

In the current release v5, selecting a pin of an IC in pcbnew highlights the pin in the schematic. In the latest nightly, this doesn’t happen.

The reverse association doesn’t seem to work either - trying to select a single pin on the schematic (to find it on the PCB) selects the whole component symbol.

Am I missing anything, or is there another way to replicate this functionality? I’m fanning out a reasonably sized BGA so it’s pretty critical to link schematic pins to PCB footprint pins interactively!

Try this setting:

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Also, if you have “clicking on a pin selects the symbol” turned on, you can Alt+click on the pin, and you’ll get the menu to choose whether to select the pin or the symbol. Not as handy if you like selecting pins very often, but a good shortcut if you do it less frequently.

Thank you both - that’s working a treat eeschema -> pcbnew now. However, the behaviour the other way is mixed. Sometimes clicking on a pad in the BGA footprint selects the pin in eeschema, but sometimes it just pans to a seemingly random section of the schematic (maybe the midpoint of the multi-part symbols?) with nothing highlighted. I can’t figure out a relationship between the pins that work and the pins that don’t… Any suggestions here at all?

Do you only see this issue with multi-unit symbols?

With the caveat that this is a sample size of 1 each, the other dense symbol I have, which has a single-unit schematic symbol, seems to work fine [see note…].

[note] Although the panning is off in eeschema fairly often; the correct pin is highlighted, but it is sometimes panned off the screen.

I think there is a bug right now with multi-unit symbols:

Good to flag it; thanks for looking. Certainly not a blocker - the utility of 5.99 outweighs these ‘beta’ gremlins in any case!

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