Select group with polygon

I use KiCad now for the fourth project and I like it more and more :slight_smile:

But on thing I realy missing… select groups in eechema with polygon insteat a rectangle would be very helpful.

Maybe polygons will find the way in any next releases.

Best regards

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The road map for the next development cycle is here:

Lots of changes are planned for Eeschema but “polygon selection” is not one of them. The user experience will probably be very different, so maybe you will not miss this particular feature as much as today. I think shift+click will be supported to select multiple items, like in the new OpenGL canvas of Pcbnew.

This would be a useful feature for me. I know it’s been a couple of years since this post, any chance it has been implemented in that time?

Very much enjoying KiCad, i’d go so far as to say it’s a triumph for open source software. I would consider assisting in development, or submitting patches, though i realise this may not be a trivial thing to implement.

Feel free to add your input to this wishlist item where we are tracking any thoughts/work on the feature: