Select from which point move a component [Ubuntu PPA feedback]

Hi There,

I’ve just updated Kicad to the last developer version available on the Ubuntu PPA. So far I’ve found a few strange things:


  • When placing a component eeschema hangs and sometimes kills the gnome shell. I’ve tried to get some debug but no luck so far.

  • Sometimes the cross-hair doesn’t show, and sometimes it hangs in the middle of the screen doing nothing.


  • One of the feature that I loved to find on the last developer release was the possibility to move the component from any point and not only from the center. Now this feature is missing. I’d like to know weather it would be possible to add it again, as at least for me it was very useful.

  • The new measure tool is great! Kudos to who implemented it!

  • The cross hair also has some problems, when no tool is selected it doesn’t show up. When pressing M while placing a track it does wired things (like vanishing or hanging in the place where M was pressed)

Here you can find the apt log:

Start-Date: 2017-05-01  15:47:49
Commandline: apt-get install kicad
Requested-By: carlo (1000)
Upgrade: kicad:amd64 (201702281217+be10de8~57~ubuntu16.10.1, 201704291217+a92ea8c~58~ubuntu16.10.1)
End-Date: 2017-05-01  15:47:58

Thanks again to all,

If you have a look at Github KiCad source, there was a very recent patch to fix a disappearing crosshair bug