Select everything on PCB to move board with the drawing page

Is there a way to pick everything up across all layers to move it in Kicad V6 in pcbnew ?

The same standard than in other applications: Edit → Select All, or Ctrl + A.

That only selects a layer , I want to select everything and move it.( ie multiple layers )

It works for me.

I can just drag a box around the whole PCB, them press m for move and I move both Front and Back copper layer of the PCB together with Edge.Cuts and stuff on User.Drawings.

It does depend on the Selection Filter in the lower right corner of the screen though. That determines what sort of stuff gets selected.

In addition to setting the selection filter to “all items” (you’ll probably want to include “locked items”) make sure to enable all layers and object types and disable single-layer mode before selecting everything.

Selecting everything in any of the single-layer modes (“dim” or “hide”) restricts the selection to the currently active layer, so that’s probably what happened to you.

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How do I check for single layer mode ? I have no problem selecting the current active layer it’s the other layers I can’t select.My filter is set to "all items "

… and make sure to switch the “Toggle inactive layers between normal and dimmed” to normal. Otherwise, only one layer items will be selected.

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