Seetrax Ranger XL project import

I have just started to look at KiCAD and it looks promising.

I have quite a lot of projects created in Seetrax Ranger as above, from schematic right through to layout. Is there any way of importing these? I know Ranger can export in Racal Cadstar, but I haven’t seen one of those for a bit.

A quick search for seetrax on this forum gives two results, one of them is this thread.

KiCad has an import function for Eagle that is pretty complete and usable.
Importers for Altium and Cadstar are currently being worked on. If you can export to one of those formats, it may be a viable path.

If you have Gerbers of your projects, then those can be back imported from KiCad’s gerber viewer to a PCB. This is a very partial solution though, as a lot of information is missing in the gerber files, but you get the stuff that takes the most time:

  • Board outline, Mounting holes.
  • All tracks.
  • Zone boundaries.
  • Footprint locations (implicitly encoded in the track ends)

This way there is no schematic, so that has to be re-created and you’ll have to use new footprints but it’s better then nothing.

It is also possible that some unknown party has written a personal project to import Seetrax, and then put that project somewhere on the Internet. The chance does not seem big, but it’s possible and worth 10 minutes of searching.

A quick search like:"kicad"+"seetrax"+"import"
suggests there are companies that specialize in converting between different CAD formats. I had not thought of this before, but could be an option.

Thanks for that, stupidly I searched for import but not Seetrax.

It looks as though an import via Cadstar may be the best at some point. Yes I do have the gerbers, but as you say, there is a lot of lost information. However, its a start.

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