Seeking your .kicad_pcb files to test out a parser I'm writing in Go


I’m writing a Go library to parse + re-generate the KiCad pcb & mod file formats. My aim is to build better tooling around generating footprints/shapes, as well as revamping the parser powering

My ask:

Could you share your .kicad_pcb files made with stable KiCad from v4 onwards? I need to assemble a varied set of test cases to make sure I’m parsing all the different features (instead of only the ones I use) correctly.

Plenty of projects are available online:

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Awesome thanks! There’s a good amount there and Ive found a load of bugs to fix.

Any idea if theres an official test suite or if I should just continue on the current path of ‘loads of open source PCBs’?

There is no official board file test suite at the moment.

Whelp, no worries :slight_smile:

Anyone got any PCBs that use the new custom pads/shapes feature?

Solder jumpers from official lib for example use custom pads. I have some in this project:

Awesome thanks! Found a bunch more keys I’m missing as well as some stray newlines when re-serializing.

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