Seeking Assistance with KiCad - Newcomer Struggling with XJTAG Demo Board

Dear Members of the KiCad Forum,

I wish everyone a Happy New Year ! My name is Sven, and I am new to the world of KiCad. After transferring R. Richardson’s XJTAG Demo Board into the KiCad program, I found myself confronted with a multitude of errors and warning messages following the ERC examination.

It seems that I have made a mistake somewhere along the way, and I am genuinely perplexed about it. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that I am receiving error messages for almost every GND connection throughout the entire schematic, and I am uncertain about how to rectify them.

As I am still in my learning phase, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Could you please help me identify the errors and provide some guidance on how to correct them? I may have overlooked some fundamental steps, and I am sincerely grateful for any advice you can offer.

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards,

It would be better to create your own New Project - can be very simple (LED,Resistor, Tracks and Edge-Cut (the PCB shape).

That will help you use/investigate Kicad’s Tools in both Schematic and PCB.

I won’t invest time in solving a complicated gizmo someone created that may be filled with problems (though, DRC/ERC can be a good tool, but, only if User knows what results should be… Their settings may or may-not be valid for the gizmo…

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I don’t have practice with ERC (I don’t use it at all) but it looks that you must have many pins of type power output. It is not typical I think. Try to find why they are power outputs and do they really should be power outputs.

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Usually all GND pins should be of type Power input, not output.

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When you write that you “transferred” the design, what exactly did you do? Did you use a converter from another ECAD format? The files generated by converters are rife with issues and can cause problems if one doesn’t know how to correct them. Did you redo the schematic from scratch with KiCad? That’s a better learning experience. Also, always post the version of KiCad you are using.

Your GND symbol seems non-standard as said. It looks the Earth symbol. But even the Earth symbol in the standard library has a pin of type Power Input. Where did you get that symbol from? Most people use this one:

Also it’s customary to draw higher potentials above, e.g. your pullup resistors should go upwards to +3v3.

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Hello, thank you very much for visiting my forum post. I have redrawn the circuit diagram. The original circuit diagram can be found on the following homepage. [](https://XJTAG DemoBoard) The functions of the diagram are saved and functional.

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