Seeedstudio fusion rules


I had some trouble making a correct submission to the Seeedstudio Fusion service. Just for the sake of documentation in case somebody looks for information regarding this topic:
From my experience here are the parameters that work well with seeedstudio fusion service:
When exporting your PCB layout, select both coper layers, both solder mask layers, both silkscreen layers, and the edge cut layer.
Select “exclude edges from other layers” (sorry my version of kicad is in french and right now I can’t make it work in english so the option’s name is not necessarily exact).
In format, select “4.6”
In the Gerber options select the Protel extensions. It will generate the files with the correct extensions “.GTL”,".GTS", …

To create the drill file I used “Units : inches”, “Suppress leading
zeros”, postscript format (I don’t know if that’s useful), minimal
header", absolute coordinates.

Put all the generated files in a Zip archive, it should work. In case
it doesn’t seeedstudio sends a mail indicating the error and you can
re-submit your files.

There is no need to rename the files.

I worked for me using 2 sided PCBs.
Hope it helps

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Great tip, thank you!

I wonder if we should start a “manufacturing” category to capture tips and tricks like this?

I’d say that this could be useful if we have sufficient information to fill it properly.