Searching for KiCad components

Is there an easy way to search for KiCad components that do not come installed with KiCad?
I Googled “KiCad component 74hc125” and found a lot of irrelevant results.
Is there a better way to find KiCad components?
Specifically, I am looking for KiCad components for:

74hc125 tri-state buffer chip
LMC7101 buffer amplifier
74HC165 shift registers
23S17 I/O expander
23017 I/O expander
23018 I/O expander

Thank you.

There is a library to pdf extraction tool/result by @felixq:

Don’t know if something similar exists for symbols though?

The 74hc125 turns up in a github repo for some pic programmer if you search with ‘74hc125 eeschema’ on google.

If all else fails, the symbol editor is your friend. Just pick a similar device and you’re hitting the ground running and should have your part within 5-10 minutes depending how often you do this.
Loading a part from someone else you also always need to check it’s correct (grid matches yours, etc) and that usually takes at least half of that time + searching for it.
You need to figure out how to manage your libs anyway, so not much to safe there either.

Thanks Sparky.

So I modified 74LVC125 to be a 74HC125.
But the library also lists components I did not want:
Is there a way to delete them and keep the 74HC125?

Your symbol is created as a multi unit symbol.
You can change that in the symbol properties.
Just set the Number of Units field to 1.

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Nice. That worked. :grinning:
Thank you Rene!!

I would not use hidden power pins