Search order of package/footprint libraries

How does V5 know where to look for footprint libraries ? The sym-lib-tables say where to look for symbols. I presume V5 expects the footprint libs in the same directories where the symbol libraries are, right ?

No, there is a separate footprint library table.

There is no such thing as a searchpath in kicad 5.

The library tables use absolute file system paths. You can however use path variables to make your setup more portable. (The official library tables use path variables for this reason. But for normal use they are not necessary. Just add your libs using the browse button.)

If a particular library with a short name “logic” and full path like “/home/user/lib/logic.lib” appears both in the global and local sym-lib-table, kicad prefers the one in the project specific local table (The same scheme applies for fp-lib-tables.), right ?

The path is not what is important. The nickname is.
And yes if the same nickname is in the global and local table then the local one is taken.

ok, thanks to all for your replies.

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