Search KiCad Environment Variables Windows

Hello, I am looking for the configuration file in which the Windows KiCad Environment Variables are stored!

My search pointed to a file:%AppData%\kicad\6.0\kicad_common.json
Unfortunately, the list of variables is incomplete.

Probably because some of them have a special meaning because they are used in the official libraries and internally, and they have internal default values. The defaults aren’t saved. If you change them they will be saved.

I don’t understand how to use eg. c# can determine the location of: ${KICAD6_3DMODEL_DIR}/TestPoint.3dshapes/TestPoint_Bridge_Pitch3.81mm_Drill1.3mm.wrl.

${KICAD6_3DMODEL_DIR} so there must be a reference to the folder stored somewhere.

It’s not stored anywhere, it’s virtual

Thank you for your answer, even if I can’t get any further with it.

  1. Those responsible should think about how the variable should be called in version 22, for example ${KICAD22_3DMODEL_DIR}?
  2. Since it is only virtual, all plugins must be adjusted with every update. Who do you want to expect that for years?
  3. I now have to intercept all virtual variables with exceptions. Who guarantees me that I will catch all the variables? I think nobody!
    These are all points that I think affect the running stability of KiCad and plugins.

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