Search bar doesn't work?


So, I’m trying to be a polite newbie and always searching for topics before posting some drivel that’s already been beaten to death – but the search bar only lets me type stuff in: it doesn’t actually DO anything when I hit the enter key.

Xubuntu 14.04
Chromium & Firefox both

Is this a known issue, or am I special?


Here’s how it’s supposed to work:

Otherwise try this page:

And if nothing works, just ask your question here :slight_smile:


That seemed to work for me (see atch). I seeded the SEARCH box with “copper pour”, pressed [ ENTER ], and received a bunch of results. Looks like the search engine found posts containing both of the words “copper” and “pour”, but not limited to the entire phrase “copper pour”. Variants of the words (e.g., “pours”, “poured”, “pouring”, “repour”, etc seem to have been accepted as valid matches.

I’m running Firefox on Win 7 - could the original post have a problem related to the Linux OS variant he’s running?



Well, going to the search page illuminated something, but I don’t know what.

If I search on “wire” then a little “search” glyph appears as I type it, and a search works.

If I search on my favorite nonsense word (“blognozzle”) the search is executed, and comes up with nothing (as expected).

If I search on “3D” I never get the little “search” glyph, and hitting the enter key doesn’t work. Which is frustrating, because I want to learn what’s out there about 3D.

However, if I search on “3D wire” I get a bunch of results. I’m pretty sure this is stuff that has “3D” and “wire” in them, because “3D blognozzle” gets nothing. Perhaps I should search on “3D the”.


Use google to search 3d on the forum site 3d”


Search works for me
Use quotes if you want specific word combinations
eg “solder paste” avoids hitting solder mask

There is probably a minimum word length restriction, which is why 3d doesn’t work


For me ‘3D’ doesn’t work either, but…

There ‘3D’ works…


There is a three letter minimum. See my first link.


Standard on web forum software, a real nuisance on many sites where you might want to search for BMW or similar names