Scrolling & Panning on a MacBook


Is there any way to scroll and pan on a MacBook, apart from manually dragging the scroll bar controls? It’s pretty much unusable. I normally use a Windows desktop but occasionally need to work from the laptop. Other programs provide scrolling via ctl-arrow keys and panning via shift-drag; these would be great to have in KiCad.


In Preference, check the option of “Use touchpad to pan” will do the trick. You probably need to enable this options for Eeschema, Pcbnew and the 3D viewer individually.

I also found using OpenGL canvas in Pcbnew provides a much faster and smoother way for the zoom and pan.


Awesome, thank you! Don’t know how I missed that :blush:


I signed up just to say… THANK YOU!

Kicad is basically unusable w/ the touchpad on mac unless the “Use touchpad to pan” box is checked.



Ok, now I actually have a question. Is it possible to set the same setting in the Library Editor?


Perhaps a global setting or maybe even some autodetection if the movement is done on a mouse or a trackpad. That would rock :stuck_out_tongue: