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I just wrote my first KiCAD plugin and I find it really hard to find all the attributes for all the different types of objects. Like what attributes and functions do Modules have? A list of all the shapes (S_CIRCLE, S_ARC…). Where do you find these? I’ve tried reading this documentation ( but I can’t find anything useful…

How did you go about learning scripting for KiCad?

Many thanks!

This is a bit old, but still useful:

You can also open the python console in PCBNEW and load the pcbnew module. Then start poking it with dir and help to see what you find.

Also, take a look at the source for any PCBNEW plugins listed here.

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You have doxygen generated reference at SetLayer(), TEXTE_PCB and API doc puzzles

Many thanks for the suggestions! I didn’t know the dir command, that helps a LOT!

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