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i want to create components along the function curve that I made. I want to do it by using python script in kicad.

@haha Having just dug through this process myself, check out the following post and link. I was doing a simple grid array, but it shows how to move a footprint to a location and set its rotation. You would have to write the python function to calculate the footprint center location and rotation to fit your curve.

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I followed the script exactly as it was, but in the assert(r1 and r2 and d1) part of the footprint placement script,
“File “”, line 1, in AssertionError” error occurs.
And r1.SetPosition(wxPointMM(20, 20)) also occurs error “AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘SetPosition’”
I’m sorry, but can I know what I did wrong?
my kicad version is 6.0.10

@haha If you look at the code I posted, I also removed the assert line. I had to fix the r1.SetPosition(wxPointMM(20, 20)) line as well. I’m not sure the origin of wxPointMM(), I changed it to pcbnew.wxPoint():

refDes.SetPosition(pcbnew.wxPoint(xOffset, yOffset))

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