Script to change from round TH to oval TH pads


I usually need to design PCB for DIY PCB and I needed the TH pads to be large & oval pads instead of small rounded holes in the the picture…

I usually do it manually, but for lot of pins , is there a script that I can do this ?? Or some guide on how to get started …

PCB pad types by stanley_seow, on Flickr

How do you edit several pads at once in footprint editor?

Why don’t you create your own footprints instead? After that you can use them for new designs and it’s easy to change footprints on old ones.


Search and replace inside a text editor can get you very far.

Or a function like ctrl D in sublime


Thanks for the reply…

I changed one of the pads to 3mm x 1.7mm in footprint editor, and does the rest in the next editor…


is a bit unclear. You can open a footprint, edit it and save it to your own library. Then you can change the footprints in Eeschema and read the netlist again in pcbnew. If you just edit a footprint but don’t change the name you can update footprints directly in Pcbnew (open footprint properties).


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