Screw terminals and terminal block

Hi, I have a 1x2 and 1x4 screw terminal block on my design. I find this under terminal block;
terminal block bornier 2_p5.08mm
terminal block bornier3_p5.08mm
terminal block bornier4_p5.08mm
terminal block bornier5_5.08mm
terminal block bornier6_5.08mm
5.08mm is the pin spacing for a 1x2 screw terminal. Does anybody know the meaning of the numbers 2-6? Thanks.

Look at the footprint and it will be obvious it’s the number of pins.

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general advice for the original kicad libraries: these follow the KLC (Kicad Library Convention) .
The KLC can be found:
The naming-scheme is described in chapter F2.1.
This includes a explanation for connector-naming as well as for passives (resistor/capacitor) and for the many numbers in footprint-names for integrated chips.

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