Screw_Terminal missing from lib [SOLVED]

Using KiCAD 5.0.0, this project is having missing libraries.
The “Logic_74xx” library has been renamed “74xx”, which was easy enough to fix (if the symbol didn’t change shape as well…).

But I can’t find where the “Connector:Screw_Terminal_01x01” has gone:

See how the schematic was in january:

And how it is now:

Connector:Screw_Terminal_01x01 is still named exactly like that in the lib tagged 5.0.0
Is it possible that you forgot to add the Connector lib to the sym-lib-table? (This lib was in the past named Connector_Specialized so if you did run nightlies before rc2 you might have it wrong in your table.)

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Found it! It seems to be simply called “conn” now! Go figure…
Yeah that’s probably the issue, I was using the nightlies until the 5.0.0 release.


Is it possible you run the version 4 libs? In the version 5 lib it should be called as i wrote it above:

I was linking to the version 4 libs… i’m using both side by side for legacy projects.
My bad. I’ll fix the PATH and get back to you!
Thanks Rene!

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