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I found the following footprint (image below) somewhere on the internet for a screw terminal I want to use. In my opinion it seems quite ambiguous on a 2 pin screw terminal how the component will be oriented. I have 4 of them next to each other and I want to orient them so that the wires are fed in from the sides. I noticed there is a corner missing on the front silkscreen outlining the screw terminal, but I am not sure if the wires are fed in through that same side?

What is the standard demarcation for the side the wires are put into a screw terminal? I want to edit this footprint so there is no guessing involved but I could not find a standard way to do this on the internet.


Do you have a link to the datasheet? If that isn’t a footprint offered by the manufacturer then you have to verify it anyhow. These things look symmetrical so there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you know which terminal is which. Well, it could be an optical illusion but the hole sizes look different.

Is there a way to make the orientation more clear?
All 4 screw terminals are the same. So there will be no problems to identify which one is which.
I have checked the footprint and it matches the measurements on the datasheet to my judgement: 1808301529_Ningbo-Kangnex-Elec-WJ301V-5-0-2P_C8475.pdf (193.8 KB)

The hole sizes are the same. It looked like that to me too. But I checked them and they are both 1.3mm

Do you have one in your hand? They seem to be symmetrical. Turn them as you wish. Check out the model here. It seems more reasonable:

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I was going to have the pcb assembled by another party. That is why I was concerned. The footprint in your screenshot is more clear. I will download and replace it. Thank you very much!


OSTTE0201X4.kicad_mod (4.1 KB)

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