Screenshot of kicad

Could I show screenshot of kicad on my blog as I show my diary?
Is it possible in the copyright?

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Do you mean something like this:

Sure, the more the merrier. Post screenshots, share your projects, write reviews or tutorials.
As a Free & Open Source project KiCad has no advertising budget and is dependent on it’s users for promoting it.

Normally limits of Open Source licenses go the other way, they probibit you from distributing modifications without disclosing the changes. But this mostly applies to the source code of KiCad itself. If you look at for example at the license for KiCad’s libraries: then it has an explicit clause that allows you to keep your projects private even when you use KiCad’s libraries.

KiCad libraries are licensed in such a way to ensure free use of library data for commercial, closed, and non-commercial projects without restriction. KiCad does not wish to exert any control over designs produced using the library data, or force users to reveal proprietary information contained in their designs. Neither do we wish to force users to attribute the KiCad libraries *within their design* .

I do urge you to consider to add both a date (probably already done on blog posts) and the version of KiCad used. KiCad is evolving quite a lot over the years and working with tutorials etc, which were made for older versions can be quite confusing to starters with KiCad.

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Thanks for your help!!
I really appreciate!!

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