Scratch to pro guide

hello guys
I need help to design large quantity component PCB ( 1000components 800 nets). Footprint placement takes lot of time. . any website or tutorial etc. where I can find beginning to pro guide. .


Are you looking to learn Kicad, board layout in general or both?

both I don’t have any knowledge. .
but I am building things to my hobby…

This site is more specific to using the Kicad software. How much help you get here depends on a lot of factors including how much YOU put in. Other sites might be more useful for your starting point. At least they will be a good second source.

This one is a very good general EE forum.

If you use something like an Arduino or RP they might be good sources too.

Good luck with your project.

Thanks Hermit for ur cooperation …
Also trying to learn from sage math that was suggested feom ur post …
have a good one

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It’s quite a challenge you have taken for your first one…

Use hierarchical sheets in the schematic. Place one logical part (a main component with its attached components - like a microprocessor or a regulator along with the components mentioned in its datasheet) in one sheet. In the layout editor open the context menu on a main component and Select-> hierarchical sheet. That way you can drag all the related components aside and arrange them around their main component.

You may even use pen and paper to do the initial block layout. Some people frown upon using physical arrangement of symbol pins, but you can more easily comprehend the connection between the schematic and layout and even do initial layout arrangements in the schematic if you use the physical pin order in the schematic symbols. With hierarchical sheets you can lay out the different logical parts in a physical fashion in the schematic which resembles the pcb layout.

I think the most helpful thing is to have enough room in the board. Don’t restrict the board size if you don’t have to.

I know nothing about your competency in pcb design or electronics, but here’s some reading:

I hope your design doesn’t have high speed signals (above some 100s of MHz). If it does, at least read something from (and then give up unless you know what you’re doing).

Still one pick from a “competitor”: (found by searching , second page)

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Thanks a lot guys for help

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