"scratch" schematic? For "maybe I'll use this" circuit elements

Is there a way to create a “scratch” schematic? Basically an extra schematic in a hierarchy that won’t populate the PCB.

Sometimes during designs I’ll make some changes I’m not quite sure about, like a particular power supply or other element, and I’d like to remove them from my design but keep them available for copy/paste in case I put them back in.

I suppose I could make a second project and run a new instance of kicad I suppose, but I figured I’d ask if there was a more convenient way.

The PCB won’t populate unless you make it happen (Annotate, Net… and updating PCB). Thus, you can do as you hoped…

Well yeah, but that doesn’t help much if it’s an active design and evolving PCB.

Consider doing this:
In you systems file browser/finder (whatever machine you use and call it) Copy the PCB and Schematic. Paste them into the same project and Rename them.
Click the Refresh button and they’ll show up in the project (Kicad’s main window).

Then, you can tweak as desired and when happy with results (incrementally or completely) without involving the original PCB or Schematic.

When done, you can Rename or use with the Renamed when copied… Need to try different approaches to figure out the best work-flow for your preference

Ah, this might work, thanks. Also nice for just having alternate designs/experiments in the same project, but not necessarily updated.

It’s how I do it. Others have different approaches - the workflow is never truly consistent, especially as Kicad changes with it’s revisions/versions…

Make a sub-project and have a schematic file there

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