Schematic wire connection (30Nov2020)

I can not get wires to connect to components from the KiCad symbols library, please attached .png file.
I put the pin in the middle and the wire does not self to the center and attach. Even if I max the zoom and set the grid to 1.0Mils (.0254mm) it does align well or even connect. I am using KiCad ver 5.1.8-1.

note the connection on the resistor does not connct with one mouse click it continues to follow the mouse track. Please help!

Here is your problem:
2020-11-30 23_46_34-Schematic wire connection (30Nov2020) - Schematic - Forums
In all EESchema versions up to the current stable (5.1.8) there is no object snap. If your wires aren’t exactly on the end of the pins you won’t get connection. Change your grid to 0.05 when placing default library symbols (which it looks like you are using) and running wires. The grid snap will put your wire ends exactly on the pin ends.

EDIT: I just noticed your other thread where you asked the same question and got the same answer as what I gave here. Please refrain from double posting the same question.

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