Schematic Traces: Changing colors of individual traces & busses, not just sections

My schematics get rather complex, and I’d like to change groups of traces and busses to different colors other than the default green for individual wires and blue for busses.

I can easily see how to do this in the properties. For example, this box for changing a bus color

But let’s say I want to change the color of an entire bus to orange. I can highlight the bus with the ` key, and it turns purple showing the whole bus across the schematic:

But when I go to change the color to, say, a reddish-orange, it only changes a “section” of the bus where I clicked on properties, not the whole thing:

I understand that busses, like wires, are made up if sections, separated by every corner and every connection. For this bus, there are dozens, if not over a hundred sections.

How can I “select all sections” in this bus, to change the color of the entire bus at once?

Much appreciated, and thank you all.


I can highlight the bus with the ` key, and it turns purple showing the whole bus across the schematic

False approach. Highlighting is a visual effect only.

You need to select the whole bus, than use the “properties”-dialog to change width/color.
To select the bus: LMB-click one segment (now this segment is selected), RMB-click → context-menu–> Expand connection (standard hotkey: ALT+4). Now the complete bus is selected.

optional different solution/workflow: assign a different netclass to the bus (or other nets) and change the default-color for these netclass.

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Thank you so much! This partially works, but seems to not be able to select anything past the T-intersections. Here’s a video showing exactly what I mean, and my work-around to still get the job done.

Thanks so much for your help with this!!!

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for the following advice you need a working “select connection”-hotkey. If the standard hotkey (Alt+4, not Alt+F4) doesn’t works, maybe try a different hotkey-setting (see picture).

With a working hotkey for the “select connection”-command you invoke the command multiple times after another, each time the selection is expanded until the next T-section-branch. So with your example-video: 5times “Alt+4” and the whole bus is selected.

For the missing context-menu-entry if multiple segments are already selected: there is already an open gitlab-feature request to implement “select connection”-command for multiple selections (this also includes expanding different nets/busses at the same time):

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This is good!!!

Hover mouse anywhere on wire or bus and don’t bother moving it, hold down Alt and keep tapping 4 until the whole bus/wire is highlighted, then select properties.

Quick and easy… Nice :smiley:

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