Schematic to PCB Question


I’m new to KICAD and have what may be a simple question for an experienced user.

In the pdf version of the Getting Started document on page 16/46 we have the components laid out such that U1 is on the left, then the led to the right and then a resistor to the right.

We then move to the PCB on page 24/46 and we see the led now on the left of U1, the resistor under the led, etc.

Everything is completely moved around!

Is this normal? For a complex schematic this would make the mapping from schematic to PCB incomprehensible.

Initially, I thought I’d done something wrong and so setup a new project consisting of 2 resistors of the form:


and in the PCB it’s as though you are looking at the schematic from the underside; ie from a viewpoint that is 180 degrees to the schematic viewpoint.

I don’t understand this as it seems an unnecessary mapping.

Or am I missing something?


Thanks, and it’s correct that on first generating the pcb all components are stacked on top of one another?

Yes but there is a command to spread them