Schematic symbols missing in subsheets

Hello everyone!

Today I experienced pretty strange problem with KiCAD schematic editor behavior.
I’ve got two schematic files in my project HomeHub-master.sch and uC.sch (which is a subsheet of HomeHub-master.sch).

And everything was working great until today - when I generated a new netlist and loaded it in PCB editor, I realized that most of the connections from uC part were simply missing. This is what I saw, when I examined it in Eeschema:

The funny (or weird) part is that the main schematic loads just fine, and all components are visible. I tried changing included libraries, and it seems that changes take place only in main sheet - it doesn’t matter what I do the uC schematic just won’t load correctly when I try to access it through the main sheet. Surprisingly, I can edit the actual symbols in the component editor, even though they are invisible in Eeschema. Also, when I load uC sheet directly by double-clicking it in my file browser, everything works fine.

It is worth mentioning that both schematics load correctly (using only HomeHub-master-cache.lib) after I get into Component Libraries menu, click “Up” and “Down” a few times, and then exit it, but after restarting Eeschema I have to repeat the process, so that’s not the real solution here.

For your better understanding, I recorded short GIF showing my situation:

Thank you in advance!

That is strange indeed.
I’m not sure it is a good idea to include the cache lib this way. As far as i know the cache lib is automatically loaded behind the scene. (It holds the backup symbols for the case that either the symbols are changed within the library or if they are removed from the library.)
Maybe test removing it from this dialog. (It could be that kicad gets confused by loading this lib explicitly.)

If this is not the problem:
Can you give us some details about your installation?
Interesting would be kicad version and operating system.

I think you are running a recent nightly build, this bug has a fix committed

Obligatory reminder :slight_smile:

What are KiCad nightly builds?

Nightly builds are not releases, they are test builds. If you use them, you should expect to encounter problems. If
you find a reproducible bug that is not already known, please raise it on the bug tracker and provide sufficient
detail to investigate the problem. You are not obliged to do this, but it will help improve KiCad for everyone.

Monitor the following sources of information in order to find information about recent changes and known issues:

Recent changes
Recent bug reports
Developer discussion

Unless you absolutely need a feature only found in a nightly build, or wish to participate in advanced testing, you
should use a stable release. If you publish projects or footprints created using KiCad, you should use a stable
release version as otherwise the project may be unusable by people using the latest stable release.


That sounds about right. As far as I can recall, I have my Kicad nightly build repo included in my PPA lists (because of my laziness) so I guess that must be it. I guess I will just upgrade it again then.

To answer Rene_Poschi questions, here are some informations about my Kicad setup:
Version: no-vcs-found-f181961~58~ubuntu14.04.1 (exactly matches the one Launchpad bug is talking about)