Schematic Symbols entry with no schematic symbol

in my symbols libary there are some parts who cant
be edited/deleted or shown. Marked in the picture below.
Can anybody tell what these cursive entries are or what is wrong with them?

They are aliases of another root part.

If you are using nightly builds I believe you will not be able to edit the aliases (or something like that).

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Identified by the use of italic font.

@Fabi you are aware that editing system symbol libs is not a good idea right? Updating the system libs would simply delete your work which means you are stuck at whatever version you use right now or you will lose your work at the next update.
My suggestion would be you make your own personal libraries as described in Library management in KiCad version 5

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Italics actually. Cursive means written like with a pen and joined letterforms.

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But I think I dont use the system symbol lib.
The path of it would be another I think

Well if you want to get picky, “italic” is one type of “cursive font”, which are designed to mimic handwriting, and the characters may be joined or unjoined. The characters need not be slanted, although that is a common style.

When referring to handwriting, cursive means joined characters, again not necessarily slanted.

But the font in the OP is actually not a cursive font, since it is not mimicing handwriting, but an “oblique” font.

In general, there is little point in nit-picking, because even the nit-pickers miss a further nuance. It’s also likely people with different languages are used to different terms, but anyway, we all know what they meant.


In that case you should be ok. Just be aware that library names need to be unique over your system. The official lib also has a library with the same name which means you can now no longer use the official lib in your setup. At least not under its original name (you can give it a different nickname)

The path however kind of suggests you downloaded the official library via the github interface and then modified it (github web download results in exactly such a file path). Which essentially results in the same problem. If we fix something in the official lib (or add new symbols) then you will not get this info into your derived lib without overwriting your personal changes. At least not without a lot of understanding on how the file format works. (It would be easier if you had used git directly instead of the web API as you could then use git to merge your changes with upstream changes. But even this will get harder the more you deviate from the official lib)
If my hunch is correct then i would still suggest you make your personal additions in a separate library (unless of course you do not plan to use KiCad for long enough to ever need to get future changes made to the official lib into your setup.)

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However thanks to software, the terms bold and italic have acquired the meanings they do now. Even the text entry dialogues in Kicad give the choice of Normal, Bold, Italic, and Bold and Italic. Everybody has seen the buttons B I and U. The first two are above this box as I type.

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As a newbe to Kicad I wonder that schematic symbols have numerous copies in library instead linking them to a single and central maintainable source. My schematics traditionally show only symbols male and female for all available connectors.

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Can you give an example?

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This question goes back to the beginning of this post. I made a a copy of a schematic symbol in a new libary which is on PC/Dropbox etc. In this case again new “ghost” symbols are created in the libary as you can see in the picture? Why does this happen?Is there a way to avoid this? Its very confusing.
The new part which was “copied as” is called AP3015A, the three other parts are the original part I copied from.

Symbols can have aliases. If you copy a symbol with aliases then the aliases are also copied.

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