Schematic Symbol Exclude from Board

Hot on the heels of the exclude from BOM feature, I just pushed a commit that implements excluding schematic symbols from the netlist when updating the board. This new feature allows adding symbols to schematics that represent items that can be used to create bill of materials for complete project assemblies for such items as mounting hardware and enclosures.

This feature required a change to the schematic file format so you wont be able to open the schematic files with older versions of Eeschema. It will be available in the next round of nightly builds.

Excluding symbols form the board update is accomplished by checking the new “Exclude from board” check box in the schematic symbol properties dialog.


Am i right in assuming that the combination of these two options is the replacement for the old “this is a power symbol” setting or more precisely the replacement for prefixing the reference designator with “#”?

Or is this only available once the symbol is already placed in the schematic?

@Rene_Poschl These two options are not intended for power symbols. A special power token is defined in the new symbol library file format so the old “#” prefix is no longer necessary when creating power symbols. I am still working on the UI changes to make this feature more usable.