Schematic symbol error

I’ve recently done schematic and PCB in KiCA6.0.0 rc1-dev-1672-g5cf3f6f2ab).
I wanted to actually modify the few things So I created a copy file of schematic and edited.
But the problem is whatever I’m editing in the new schematic is mirroring in the old schematic.
I don’t know how to resolve this.
Please suggest.

You are using an unstable nightly build, and a very old one. Maybe you should switch to the stable 5.1.5. Or, if you want to follow the development and help by finding and reporting bugs - at the risk of unstableness and even loss of data - update to the latest nightly build regularly (they are now versioned as “5.99”).

Could you add for example screenshots of you problem?


I’ve opened the project in 5.0.2 Still I’m facing the same issue.
Another issue is whenever I make changes in Symbol and update in schematic it shows error and some garbage symbol shows up

Please make proper screenshots:

Assuming your KiCad version is not buggy then there is only one reason why you would get question marks as symbols. This is if you lost or damaged the cache lib or chose not to rescue when KiCad asked you if it you want to rescue What are the cache and rescue libs and how does the schematic rescue dialog work? (KiCad version 5.x and earlier)

But even before that you already would have needed to lose the symbols from your libraries. If the symbols are in your personal libs then this really can happen if you delete either the lib or the symbol itself (or rename either of them). Another option is that you deleted the reference to the library in the library table. In the later case just add the lib back. If you renamed the symbol or library then revert that change or use the “edit library references” dialog to connect the symbol to the new name. If you deleted the symbol then you will need to hope you have a backup or recreate it from scratch.

If your symbols are taken from the official lib or some third party lib not under your full control then you might have lost the symbols by “installing” a different version of the lib. In that case go back to the version you used while making your schematic.

That’s okay.
You didn’t say anything to my first question regarding symbol copying on all schematic pages

Now when I read your first post, I understand it in a new light and differently. At first I thought “mirroring” means swapping each component around the y axis, i.e. an mirror image.

Are you using hierachical sheets? I don’t see them in your screenshots. It’s possible to link to a hierarchical sheet file even in several projects (which is a very bad thing IMO) and changes made through one of the hierarchical sheet boxes is reflected everywhere. That’s actually the purpose of hierarchical sheets.

Could it be that you did not make a copy of the schematic, but you made a link to it?

In Unix / Linux there are “symbolic links” and “Hard links”, and I have heard windows has something similar to hard links nowadays.

I have had those question marks happen when I had done something to break the link between the schematic and the symbol. My thinking is to double click or right click on the question mark symbol and go into properties. Make sure that the properties are pointing to the intended symbol.

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