Schematic symbol doesn't appear in library

Hi, I’m a new user and I’m having a problem with generating a new component - I have a multi-part symbol saved to the audio library. I can see it in the library in the symbol editor, but I can’t see the part when I open the library from the schematic editor.

In the symbol editor it appears in bold with a * symbol, the library name is also in bold with a * symbol next to it. I have edited all of the five parts, I have a footprint selected and all the pin numbers are ok.

what could be wrong?

If you still have an asterisk after the name of your symbol, it means that you have changed it, and the changes are not yet commited to permanent storage.

Press [Ctrl + S] or File / Save

ive saved it but the problem is still there - see attached

Don’t edit the default libraries, create a new one


I’ll second the suggestion for making a new library.

It’s also a lot faster when you know where all the custom symbols you’ve created are, especially if you forget its name.

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