Schematic Positions To Layout installation

I find this interesting plugins by @ian-ross that helps in prepositioning the parts for an easy placement.
I copy to my plugins directory and refresh the plugins but I don’t see the new plugins available in the list.

Can you please clarify if it’s compatible with KiCAD V5.1 running on macOS Monterey?


Ps: maybe you can add an option to preposition only some selected parts in the schematic/ lock others?

It definitely works with KiCad 5.1. I’ve not used it on MacOS at all, but I believe that other people have. I don’t know about MacOS versions at all though.

I don’t have any plans to extend the functionality of the plugin. It’s intentionally very simple, just as an absolutely first step in layout. Whenever I use it, I more or less immediately start moving everything around anyway, but the plugin is intended to help with that first jump from schematic to PCB, after you’ve been staring at your schematic for so long that you know where everything is.