Schematic paint

I need a bitmap image with lines ( .Jpeg) convert to a vector image.
Next, insert the vector image into Kicad, so that chains (conductors) are created from these lines.
Is it possible to do this?

KiCad has an Image converter in the project manager menu that can directly create a schematic symbol or PCB footprint from a vector image. I suggest you start there and give it a try.

There are also generic drawing programs that can do vectorization of bitmaps, (and then output .DXF or .SVG which KiCad can understand) but their quality will likely vary.

Another option is to load your image manually into one of KiCad’s editors, and then just manually draw over it. I have not checked it myself, but apparently there is currently a bug in KiCad V7.0.10 which makes it difficult to select imported bitmaps in KiCad.

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