Schematic library?

Dear Kicad Members,

I have an issue with my schematic library,
I had done BitBleach on Ubuntu 16, now all of my schematic libraries are gone,
any clues on recovering it back ?


“BitBleach” sounds like a virus.
I hope you have backups somewhere.
Is there any data left in your “rubbish bin” / “Garbage Can” / “Recycle Box” or whatever it is called this week in your Linux Distro?

You might try the “data recovery” option in gparted.
But I advise you to make a complete backup of your date before you attempt such a thing.

I think BleachBit pretty much wipes them clean. Don’t know for certain but as the last post mentioned, if you have a backup, that’s the way to go.


I got unexpected error on my fiel

That’s of the cause my library is missing,
anyhow fixing it ?

A library file ends with the #End Library followed by ENTER so the last line is a blank line.

Open your files with a text editor and check.

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