Schematic library file and foot print for connectors

Hi All i am currently making a circuit and to reduce the width of the connector i am use two level connector . I am unable to find a two level connector so that i can use it on my schematic diagram then link it to a footprint etc so that i can design my PCB. Hence can anyone tell me the name of the connector if it is in the default library. Oh and if not is there a library that i can download . For more info the connector i am using is the following

You can try websites such as SnapEda, SamacSys or PcbLibraries. Such websites have databases with literally millions of footprints. You can also design them yourself. For a footprint you just need a bunch of pads in the right locations, and some graphics for the silkscreen. KiCad has a quite good editor for making your own PCB footprints.

It’s on SnapEDA:

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