Schematic Editor: Table Insert Tool to Arrange Data

Table Insert Tool

  • Allow hardware developers to arrange data into rows and columns
  • Consists of table cells inside rows and columns
  • By default, the text in table header elements are bold and centered



ESP32 Default SPI Pins

From Altium



Working with a Draftsman Table in Altium Designer


Hi this is just a wish list, I hope it can be implemented if needed. Thanks to all KiCad developer.

Hello @sarfat96

“Feature Requests” need to be placed on Gitlab. Your suggestion will probably be lost if it is only mentioned on this forum.

To get to Gitlab:
Open Kicad / Help / Report Bug / then open a “New Issue”
It helps the members sorting the issues to start the Title with “Feature Request”.

Hello @jmk thanks for your explanation
I will try it later, thanks for your help.

Have a nice day

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While I’m not a fan of overloading a pcb-tool with too many fancy features I acknowledge that others like (or maybe really need) such features.
To save you some work: you don’t have to write a new feature-request, there is already a open wishlist item:

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