Schematic Editor shows something else than Drawing Sheet Editor

Attached is Contactors.kicad_wks where I change the columns to a more fine grained scale for use with a contactor schematics. The columns use step and repeat parameters of the Drawing Sheet Editor. The Bottom Line should be a copy of the top line.

The screendumps show kicad_wks file in Schematic Editor, where the column numbers are incomplete while they are displayed in the Drawing Sheet Editor as they should. I updated the schematic by File->PageSettings->DrawingSheet-File. To make sure, that same file is used, I also examined the files time stamp.

Maybe this is a problem at switching metric to imperial ? The drawing sheet is A4mm size while the column grid in schematics is 250 mil ? Are there hints to use the worksheet correct or dan anybody confirm the described behaviour ?

Contactors.kicad_wks (2.3 KB)

I can confirm the behaviour, albeit I don’t know which part of Kicad is to blame.
I don’t think it’s a grid problem. The DWS editor also shows the behaviour if you switch the page size in both editors to A4 (your DWS-picture was saved with DWS page size == A3).

I would say wait some time (maybe some others have a explanation) and then open a gitlab issue.

btw, always nice to see schematics for unusual usecases.

Don’t open a gitlab issue, it was a error 40.
All top row items have to be referenced to the upper left corner of the page.
All bottom row items have to be referenced to the bottom left corner of the page.

Contactors_01.kicad_wks (2.3 KB)

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Many thanks, this trick also works in my project.

Btw. there was a old thread for unsusual use cases unfortunately closed. For the moment I am too lazy for appropriate library work. The goal is to place the components with a floorplan using the PCB Editor and then generate CNC drill and punch data for the switchboard cabinet sheet metals. Attached is a photo of the switchboard work in progress. Some connectors for the door are already visible but front door is still missing.

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