Schematic editor not responding opening my project

I’m trying to open an exsiting project but when opening the schematic editor, the editor hangs (not repsponding).

I haven’t opened this project before on this PC. I can open the PCB Editor though.

There is no error message… it just is not responding…

Please tell me how to get some details about what is happening and how to fix it.

What I have done so far:
I already updated to Kicad 6.0.7. (from 6.0.5)
The .kicad_sch file opens fine in notepad and looks okay to me (no strange chars).
I tried to crate a new project but also on new project schematic editor hangs…

What OS are you running? Have you checked the OS logs for any clues?

Have there been any updates applied to your computer, specifically any GPU updates?

I just created this issue:

It seems that my tripple monitor setup with the schematic editor starting default on my 3th screen causes this problem. I disconnected my 3th monitor so that the schematic editor started on my main screen (middle one) and that worked! Now it defaults again to main monitor and it works great again!

However, I have to remember not to close the schematic editor on a different monitor now, else it will not start next time…

I would be happy to collect more data if this behaviour is not reproducable. Running a custom loop watercooled RTX 3090 on an i9 12900KS with 64G DDR5 and a couple of NVME’s ;-D OS is Win11 all updates installed.

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