Schematic done,having trouble with footprint association!Need help

Hi Guys,
I need some urgent help. I have created a custom library in EESchema, saved it,completed the circuit ,done the annotation, but each time this specific pin header connector reverts back to #J046 when I only have 4 connectors in total on the circuit.I change the reference in EEschema to J4 , which isn’t clashing with any other connector,do my DRC and then run CvPCB, and this connector doesn’t not show up in the component list at all. I have deleted all the foot print associations, to see if I start that from scratch if it will work, but it still doesn’t show up in the component list…really starting to get me down,any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you
De Waal

I think this from the FAQ will help.

Did you mistakenly define the symbol as a “power symbol”? That should only be used for power rails, not regular components.

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Thank you Bobc, I did correct it now. Appreciate the help

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Thanks Hermit, appreciate the help

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