Schematic connections not appearing in PCB layout editor


I had drawn a circuit schematic as enclosed. But when i tried to lay track between pin 2 of u1 and pin 1 of j1 , i could not do it in pcb layout editor.Similarly connection between pin 4 to pin 15 of u2 was also not possible. But in the eeschema design it is connected.Both jpg image is shown. Kindly clarify where i went wrong.


Your opamp isn’t connected! You must end wires just at end of pins (small circles). Similar situation at pin 4 of U2.

ALWAYS run DRC before creating netlist to avoid stupid mistakes in schematic(s).


An indicator for unconnected wires is the small square at the unconnected end of wires.


Thanks for keruseykaryu and straubm for pointing out the mistake. Such mistakes i will avoid in the future.